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Street Cred fashion isn’t just for humans it’s for our four-legged friends too. introducing One-of-a-Kind Couture Denim Dog Vests that will give your dog a gift of fashion that will wag tails and turn heads, and forever keep them in style!

These Denim Dog Vests for your pooch combine imaginative fashion-forward artistic flair with a sense of humor rolled in with love for our 4 legged friends with this trendy fun-loving clothing line for our fur babies. Whether your dog is 3 lbs. or 95 lbs. you can adorn your pooch with a wardrobe that is fit for a King or Queen.

There is no detail left out with these couture Denim Dog Vests. From each patch machine sewn into the vest, nomenclature that will be unique to your posh pup as well as make you laugh to patches with sequins, exclusive prints, fanciful trims, one-of-a-kind printed fabrics, or an exquisite adornment of colors that will light up the street as your dog wags their swag.

Whether your Pooch wants to be Boss for the day, strut like a wining Sports Team, feel like a princess, or rock it out with your family at your favorite cafe with these denim vests you can dress your Pooch with this fashionista designed pet clothing with patches so cool that your dog and their pup friends will drool and their cat fur relatives will meow and want one too!

All vests for dogs up to 23 lbs. come with a D-ring attachment for the dog’s leash and have snap closures. Vests for dogs over 23 lbs. have a frayed leash hole at the neck and Velcro closure at the neck and chest for adjustment. You can also personalize your dog vest with your dog’s name in patches for an additional fee. (See BEAUTY photo)

Sizes: Please give us your dog’s breed, weight, exact neck, chest, length, and waist measurement in inches and the garment will be made to fit.

This item is custom-made to order and is not eligible for return/exchange. Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

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